Happy Birthday Bessie Coleman!

Happy Birthday Bessie Coleman!

On January 26, 1892 Bessie Coleman was born in Atlanta, Texas. Coleman was born into a large family, being one of thirteen children. Both her parents worked as sharecroppers but her father, who was Native American, left home when Coleman was young in order to look for better work opportunities in Indian Territory of Oklahoma. Coleman’s mother picked cotton and took in laundry to keep supporting their large family.



Beauty Products – Chemicals, Money and Socialization

Let us start this post with a few questions. For those of you wearing makeup right now- why are you wearing it? Is it because you woke up this morning and your first thought was “I cannot wait to be creative with my makeup today?” Is it “ugh shit I look tired I better spruce things up?” Somewhere in between those two thoughts maybe? Are you putting it on for you or is it so the people around you think you are performing your role as a put together human correctly?

This is by no means to shame those of you who wear makeup or use any beauty/body products – it is to start a conversation about why.


Happy Birthday Belva Lockwood!

Happy Birthday Belva Lockwood!

On October 24th, 1830 Belva Ann Bennet was born in Royalton, New York. When she was a teenager Belva married Uriah McNall, together they had one daughter. Unfortunately, shortly after their marriage McNall passed away. She quickly became the only provider for her and her daughter, Lura. Belva worked as a teacher to support her family but also wanted to continue on with her education, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in science in 1857 from Genessee College.