Happy Birthday Elizabeth Blackwell!

Happy Birthday Elizabeth Blackwell!

This month I started reading Generation Roe about the current pro-life culture in the United States (side note: TOTALLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK!) In a chapter about medical history it was noted that Elizabeth Blackwell was the first accredited female doctor in the United States, earning this title in 1949. When I looked up more information I found that her birthday was February 3, 1821. Clearly a sign to start back up the monthly birthday posts.



Back and Forth – Stumbling Into Being a Feminist Woman

Let’s face it; it is really hard to be a human being. Conforming to the pressures dictated to us by what perceived gender we are is a big job.

Some days I wake up and feel like putting on make up, doing my hair and spending a few minutes to carefully pick an outfit. Most days I wake up, quickly pick some clothes out and throw my hair in a bun. I enjoy both instances but my feelings behind which one I choose are complicated.


Update: I found MORE Feminists in Cook County

My last post about feminism in Cook County was so much fun to put together (if you have not read it yet the rest of this post will make no sense so take a look real quick!)

I was able to connect with people I never expected to connect with. Not only just connect but sit down and talk about feminism and it’s connection to my community. It doesn’t get much better than that.

But then it did.


Cook County Needs Feminism Because…

Feminism is a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation and oppression –

Bell Hooks

Lately talk of feminism – what it is, who is one and who is not – has moved to a more widespread arena. Celebrities calling themselves feminists, gender related campaigns from the UN making headlines, no longer do you only have to search through the pages of Ms. magazine or scroll the online blog Jezebel to get your feminist fix.

Even so have we yet answered all those questions? What is it? Who is one? Who is not? What led them to the claiming of that title?