Happy Birthday Elizabeth Seaman!

Happy Birthday Elizabeth Seaman!

On May 5th, 1864, Elizabeth Seaman was born to Mary Jane and Michael Cochran. Her father, a wealthy judge and landowner, tragically died when Mary Jane was six years old. His death created financial hardship for the large family that had a total of 15 children from Michael’s previous marriage and marriage to Elizabeth’s mother.


The Good, The Bad, And The Bloody – My First Week With the Diva Cup

Aww periods. The beautiful monthly moment that is a mix of emotions. First there’s excitement knowing you successfully avoided pregnancy another month in a row, but for me the excitement quickly fades as I begin to worry that the pain I am experiencing can only be explained by the fact that my uterus is slowly falling out of my body.


Happy Birthday May Edward Chinn!

Happy Birthday May Edward Chinn!

On April 15, 1896 May Edward Chinn was born to William Lafayette Chinn, an escaped slave, and Lulu Ann Evans, a Native American from the Chickahominy Indian Reservation.

Chinn was sent to boarding school at a young ago but soon would have to return after she became ill with osteomyelitis of the jaw, an infectious inflammatory bone disease. She would have to spend time with her mother who worked as a live-in domestic worker for the Tiffany family in New York City.



Happy Birthday Women’s History Month!

Happy Birthday to the creation of Women’s History Month!

As you can tell this birthday of the month post is going to be slightly different. This month I want to honor the birth of not a person but an entire celebration, Women’s History Month. As I was deciding whom to write about for my monthly birthday post I realized it was the first day of Women’s History Month, a celebration I thought I was quite familiar with.


Happy Birthday Grace Towns Hamilton!


Happy Birthday Grace Towns Hamilton!

Hamilton was born February 10, 1907 in Atlanta, Georgia. Born to two activist scholars, Harriet McNair and George Alexander Towns she grew up in an environment where fighting for change was encouraged and modeled. Her father was a professor of English and pedagogy at the Atlanta University. Hamilton grew up running around the University with her father, until she eventually got her undergraduate degree there in1927. She next moved on to Ohio State University for a master’s degree in psychology. During her time at Ohio State she worked as a Girl’s Work Secretary with the Young Women’s Christian Association of Columbus.


Happy Birthday Bessie Coleman!

Happy Birthday Bessie Coleman!

On January 26, 1892 Bessie Coleman was born in Atlanta, Texas. Coleman was born into a large family, being one of thirteen children. Both her parents worked as sharecroppers but her father, who was Native American, left home when Coleman was young in order to look for better work opportunities in Indian Territory of Oklahoma. Coleman’s mother picked cotton and took in laundry to keep supporting their large family.