PDA for Social Justice

PDA – otherwise known as a public display of affection. Generally these are quite frowned upon in our modest United States society. I want to talk about a different type of PDA, a PDA for social justice: no not making out for a social cause but publicly declaring support for something you believe in. 

A shirt, a button, a bumper sticker, a Facebook post, whatever your style.

Maybe your thing is technology. The ability to connect to someone across the globe in mere seconds is incredible. Decades ago this was impossible. This new possibility is frightening for many. Once you put a post on Facebook, or angrily tweet, it is there FOREVER. Forever is a long time. I get it, it’s scary.

Some claim the obsession with constant connection is my generations downfall. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Snapchat, Instagram, numerous blogging sites, there are endless outlets for public exposure.

I admit I sometimes can be a little too connected to some of these. If I see a reader has commented on my blog I will stop what I am doing. But think about how spectacular it is. People in Norway, Sweden, India, Japan and more have read my blog. Social media has allowed me to connect with so many amazing people, connections I hope to have forever. Connections that will no doubt change my life.

These connections were made because I was vocal about my thoughts, feelings and arguments.

PDA for social justice changes lives.

Finding a sexual abuse hotline number has saved countless people.

Noticing a button on the jacket of a friend could spark important dialogue.

Seeing a Facebook post could become a crucial learning moment in someones day.

Reading one persons blog post could inspire them to speak up.

Hearing someone give a class presentation about a feminist issue could make a long-lasting connection between students.

Wearing a shirt with a catchy slogan could lead to someone asking a question.

Speaking up shows others you are not afraid. And that others do not have to be afraid either.

Often times publicly declaring support is a brave action. For some it is scary. If you are able, speak up. Not all are born with the capability to speak up. If you are fortunate enough to have a voice, use it. However you prefer. Be brave.

How do you show you care? How do you spread the word about your passions? How do you connect with others?



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