Happy Birthday Gertrude Ederle!

Happy Birthday Gertrude Ederle!

On October 23, 1905 Gertrude Ederle entered the world. Her parents, Henry and Anna, were German immigrants that owned a butcher shop in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Her family owned a small cottage in New Jersey, where the Ederle family spent most summers. Gertrude would spend her summers swimming in the Atlantic Ocean, and when back in the city would find any public pool available. It is said that she was once caught swimming in horse troughs!


Happy Birthday Esther Rome!

Happy Birthday Esther Rome!

Esther Rome was born in Norwich, Connecticut on September 8th, 1945. She spent her childhood in Plainfield, Connecticut, where her parents ran a five-and-dime store. Though her roots began as a small  town girl she grew to do big things for women across the world. After high school, Rome completed her undergraduate degree at Brandies University in Boston, Massachusetts. Upon completing that she continued to earn a Master’s degree from the Harvard University Graduate School of Education.


Happy Birthday Vera Weisbord!

Happy Birthday Vera Weisbord!

Vera Weisbord, born August 19th, 1895 in Forestville, Connecticut. Living in poverty in New York Weisbord experienced hardships early on in life. Despite that she was Valedictorian at Hunger High School and went on to attend Hunter College where she win three first prizes in French competitions among colleges all across the USA and Canada.


Happy Birthday Miriam Underhill!

Happy Birthday Miriam Underhill!

Born July 22, 1898, in Forest Glen, Maryland, Miriam Underhill was a force to be reckoned with from the beginning. At age 16, she visited the Alps for the first time on a family vacation, where she would complete an introductory climb near Chamonix. Despite her thirst for climbing she went to Bryn Mawr College to complete bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and physics. Underhill continued straight on to complete a master’s in psychology from Bryn Mawr College in 1921. All the while she visited the Alps and other mountains during her summers off from school and stayed an active member of the Appalachian Mountain Club. The only thing holding back Underhill was the fact that she was a woman.


Happy Birthday Gwendolyn Brooks!

Happy Birthday Gwendolyn Brooks!

On June 7th, 1917 Gwendolyn Brooks was born in Topeka, Kansas. Shortly after Brooks was born her family moved to Chicago, where she would live for the rest of her life. Her parents were very influential in her love of the arts and ambitious nature. Her mother was teacher and classically trained pianist and her father was a janitor who would go on to fulfill his dream of becoming a doctor.


7 Things To Do If You’re Worried About Transgender Laws Increasing Sexual Assault

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North Carolina has been making headlines lately as the newest example of blatant and legal discrimination, this time against transgender people. A new law, detailed here, will ban, “transgender people from using public bathrooms consistent with their gender identity, and bans cities from passing anti-discrimination ordinances protecting LGBT people”. This can only be added to the long list of ways in which transgender people have been, and continue to be, treated as less than.


Happy Birthday Elizabeth Seaman!

Happy Birthday Elizabeth Seaman!

On May 5th, 1864, Elizabeth Seaman was born to Mary Jane and Michael Cochran. Her father, a wealthy judge and landowner, tragically died when Mary Jane was six years old. His death created financial hardship for the large family that had a total of 15 children from Michael’s previous marriage and marriage to Elizabeth’s mother.