Happy Birthday Grace Towns Hamilton!


Happy Birthday Grace Towns Hamilton!

Hamilton was born February 10, 1907 in Atlanta, Georgia. Born to two activist scholars, Harriet McNair and George Alexander Towns she grew up in an environment where fighting for change was encouraged and modeled. Her father was a professor of English and pedagogy at the Atlanta University. Hamilton grew up running around the University with her father, until she eventually got her undergraduate degree there in1927. She next moved on to Ohio State University for a master’s degree in psychology. During her time at Ohio State she worked as a Girl’s Work Secretary with the Young Women’s Christian Association of Columbus.

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Happy Birthday Ida B. Wells!

Happy Birthday Ida B. Wells!

On July 16th, 1862 activist, Ida B. Wells was born in Holly Springs, Mississippi. Wells’ parents were slaves when she was born but were officially freed by the union six months after her birth. But that did not change the discrimination faced by most African-Americans.

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