How Taking a Year Off Changed My Life

By the end of my junior year of college I thought I had it all figured out. I would go graduate school, get my Ph.D., teach sociology with a focus on gender, and ride off into the sunset. The end.

In theory this seemed like a good arrangement so I started planning. Taking the GRE, researching schools, talking to professors, making lists, and checking them twice – the whole nine yards. In the very back of my mind I was uncertain, but I can be a very indecisive person about the most mundane things so I ignored it.

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Why I Vote for Yoga Pants

This post was originally posted on The Good Men Project which you can check out here!

Earlier this year Christian blogger Veronica Partridge published a piece titled, “Why I Chose To No Longer Wear Leggings,” explaining her new leggings free lifestyle. In the post Partridge says this decision was “weighing heavy on my heart.” She discussed the problem she was having with her husband. His response helped her make her decision, “Yeah, when I walk into a place and there are women wearing yoga pants everywhere, it’s hard not to look. I try not to, but it’s not easy.” Yikes.

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Back and Forth – Stumbling Into Being a Feminist Woman

Let’s face it; it is really hard to be a human being. Conforming to the pressures dictated to us by what perceived gender we are is a big job.

Some days I wake up and feel like putting on make up, doing my hair and spending a few minutes to carefully pick an outfit. Most days I wake up, quickly pick some clothes out and throw my hair in a bun. I enjoy both instances but my feelings behind which one I choose are complicated.

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Masculinity at a Young Age

This past week-end I was fortunate enough to attend a musical performance by a friend of mines brother. The performance was absolutely great. But what I could not get out of my mind was something that happened at the performance. A family came in with adorable young children that all sat down in front of my table. The family seemed to be meeting other people there.

The kids were all really respectful, a lot less antsy then I would have been at a concert at that young age. One of the young girls, about the age of four, went up to the young boy, about the age of six or seven, who I presume to be her brother, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. It was a simple kind act of sweetness.

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I Love You Because…

In anticipation of his arrival at my school I read Carlos Andrés Gómez’s memoir, Man Up: Reimagining Modern Manhood. In the memoir Carlos bravely recounts life events that led him to the man he is today. Fumbling through masculine expectations, navigating being a man and wanting to be *gasp* emotional at the same time, Carlos shows his readers that it is ok, even encourages people to embrace their true selves and push away gender roles and norms.

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