Happy Birthday Carol Burnett!

Happy Birthday Carol Burnett!

On April 26, 1933 one of the funniest women in history was born, Carol Burnett.


Burnett was born in San Antonia, Texas but moved only a few years later to Hollywood, California with her grandmother. After high school Burnett attended the University of California, Los Angeles, studying English and theater arts. Burnett was ready to break into acting; she left school a year early to move to New York.



How to Start a Relationship According to Maroon 5


If you have not watched Maroon 5’s new video, Animals, you should. I feel bad advising this since it just sucks THAT MUCH. None the less it is worth taking a quick peek at, to remind us all how terrible representation of women in the media still is (as if we needed a reminder)!

The first time I watched this video my face was in a permanent scowl. I do not know what got me the most, the comparison of the leading lady of the video to a piece of meat, Adam Levine straight up STALKING her throughout the whole thing or the fact that just like a beautiful bloody fairytale they end up passionately making love to each other in the end. *sigh*


Dear Hollywood

On March 1st, The Representation Project published  “An Open Letter to Hollywood”, as an advertisement, in the Los Angeles Times. I wanted to take this opportunity to write my own letter to Hollywood.

Dear Hollywood:

In case you haven’t flipped your desk calendar in oh I don’t know, decades, you might have missed that it is now 2014. Yup I am not lying, 2014. Now keep this fact in mind.