A Refocusing of My Energy: How an Instagram Challenge, a Grandmother With Dementia, and The Loss of a Friend Helped Me Refocus

This piece was originally published by The Opal Club, check it out!

Summer 2017 completely rocked my world. It shook me to my core. It made me consider things I was not ready to consider, from the loss and deteriorating of life, to pushing myself to wonder if my energy is being sent where I want it. These moments weaved themselves together into a perspective I never want to lose.

This past July I participated in something called the Bikini Rebellion, an amazing challenge to help buck the stereotypes of what a bikini body is and where we focus our attention in life. The creator, Neghar Fonooni, explains that “Together we will work to reject the social conditioning that’s been handed to us, and instead hold our bodies in the fullness of our power.”

Every day participants were given a prompt for journaling, a video, and a new way of thinking about “bikini bodies”. Day 1 asked, “How is the system that maintains the bikini body concept stealing from you? How does the narrative make you feel? Empowered and inspired, or unworthy and small?”. I mean that was just day 1! It only got more insightful and caused me to dig deeper with every following day.

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Community: Yours, Mine, and Ours

Community has different meanings for all of us. For some community is the one we are born in, for others it is something they create. Communities cross county lines and span across oceans. We can attain multiple communities throughout our lives; our work, our home, our friendships.

Today the strongest community in my life mourns the loss of someone taken from Earth too soon. But what I am reminded of and what I must focus on is the community that came together today.

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