Let’s Stop Confusing Being Politically Correct with Being A Decent Human Being

There has been a story circulating the Internet about an amazing twelve-year-old girl who penned an open letter to Dick’s Sporting Goods about their latest magazine. As she was flipping through the magazine she noticed that there were NO girl models. A young basketball player herself she felt that this was not fair. She wanted to see herself reflected in their catalogue. Who can blame her?

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PDA for Social Justice

PDA – otherwise known as a public display of affection. Generally these are quite frowned upon in our modest United States society. I want to talk about a different type of PDA, a PDA for social justice: no not making out for a social cause but publicly declaring support for something you believe in.  Continue reading

#Not Buying It

In my previous post, I mentioned the power of media to influence multiple facets of our life. Some days it seems like it is just all too much, I want to throw up my feminist hands and give up on media. Many of us consume media without realizing it the inequity within it. When talking about women and media representation you can imagine it becomes quite depressing pretty quickly.

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